flexMED Innovation Forum

What is the Innovation Forum?

The two-day flexMED Innovation Forum deals in depth with the trends and challenges of flexible electronics in medical technology.
Small and medium-sized enterprises, so-called "Hidden Champions", meet strong partners to create a common basis for innovative ideas, products, services and business models.

Who is addressed?

  • Actors in flexible electronics
  • Actors and partners in medical technology
  • Physicians, users, developers, scientists from research institutions
  • Representatives of health insurance companies, politicians

How can you get involved?

Contribute your creativity, your expertise, your know-how and your experience to deal with or overcome the apparent limits of technology and business model to "flexMED in action".

Present your idea in 90 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes (e.g. using a 1-slide presentation) in German. Depending on your background, you can chose from the following topics:

  • Everyday medical needs (physicians)
  • Optimization needs in medical technology (medical engineers and suppliers)
  • Potential of flexible electronics for medical technology (engineers, tech providers, etc.)

The present experts can chose your idea for a roundtable discussion jointly searching for solutions.

"flexMED in action" will take place in 3 rounds with 5 presenters each.