bionection – Partnering Conference for Technology Transfer in Life Sciences

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We very much regret to inform you that the bionection 2020 in its current format will not take place and will be cancelled.

Just like the industry itself, event formats are subject to constant change. Focal points change or the focus is directed towards new topics at short notice. As biosaxony, we must and would like to take this current development more into account in our offerings. This adaptation process has already had an influence on the organisation of this year's bionection.

The bionection brand is to remain and be represented in other formats. To this end, we are currently discussing concepts for further development. Feel free to contact us with any questions and suggestions!

We would like to thank all sponsors, partners and participants who have actively contributed to the bionection so far.

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bionection 2018

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bionection 2018

bionection 2018

What our participants say

"I am impressed by the number of participants, by the quality of the questions asked and by the really interesting setup. The mix between individual talks, lectures and exhibition is very well designed."
Dr. Michael Meyer, Siemens Healthineers

"The bionection offered a great overview of the most diverse, latest projects in the life sciences sector. We will definitely take a closer look at some of them."

Ralf Bucksch, IBM Deutschland

"I find the combination of global players and 'smaller' research institutions very exciting."

Dr. Steffen Derlien, Universitätsklinikum Jena

"It was impressive to see how many new approaches for cooperation with other companies and research institutions were developed in the two days."

Dr. Marc Lehmann, SmartDyeLivery GmbH

"I find it very interesting that many different perspectives emerge - both from industry and from science."

Melanie Colditz, TU Dresden

bionection is the Central German industry meeting of biotechnology and medical technology. The partnering conference brings together research institutes, technology transfer experts and innovative companies and provides an excellent platform for new cooperation projects and efficient technology transfer.