Conference Team


André Hofmann // biosaxony
Scientific Program
Fon: +49 351 7965-501


Dr. Randy Kurz // BIO-NET LEIPZIG
Scientific Program
Fon: +49 341 2120-718

Vicky Tröger // biosaxony

Vicky Tröger // biosaxony

Scientific Program
Fon: +49 351 7965-602


Sindy Reich // biosaxony

Project Management
Fon: +49 351 7965-104


Ass. iur. Anke Lang // biosaxony
Fon: +49 341 96286-966

biosaxony e. V. – the organizer of bionection

bionection is being hosted by biosaxony e. V., the biotechnology/medical technology cluster association for Saxony. Its members represent the various companies, scientific institutions and lobbyists working in biotechnology and related areas of engineering and the material sciences in Saxony.

biosaxony’s responsibilities include initiating projects between industry and research, pinpointing services and know-how, and highlighting regional expertise in order to support the productive development of these cross-cutting technologies.

In 2016, biosaxony was the host BioRegion of the German Biotech Conference in Leipzig and also set up a new department: Section Medical Technology.

biosaxony – The Biotechnology & Medical Technology Cluster in Saxony

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